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Learning outside the classroom

At Shalbourne School we recognise the importance of high quality learning outside the classroom in contributing significantly to raising standards and improving pupils' personal, social and emotional development. Our Shalbourne 11 by 11 (see below) underlines how important we consider providing these opportunities for learning outside the classroom is to support, extend and enrich our curriculum.

'Shalbourne 11 by 11' 

In our school we expect all children to have completed these 11 experiences by the time they are 11 years old, called ‘The Shalbourne 11 by 11’: 

  • To have visited historical sites of national/international importance (eg Stonehenge, Roman Baths)
  • To have experienced the arts at key national venue (theatre, art gallery, live music)
  • To have seen democracy in action at the Houses of Parliament
  • To visit the great places of worship of 3 of the main 5 religions
  • To have read at least 40 classic children’s books and been exposed to a wide range of quality texts
  • To have sung in a choir, performed in a theatre production and learnt to play a musical instrument
  • To have represented the school at a major school/PE event (sports festivals, dance festival)
  • To have experienced a residential trip
  • To have a reciprocal link with the local church, local community and the World and to have fund-raised for a charity
  • To have held a position of responsibility within the school community (House, School Council or classroom)
  • To have developed a respect and an enjoyment of the outdoors

We aim to provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum, which encourages an enthusiasm and love for learning and develops intellectual curiosity, creativity and personal growth. We highly value learning outside the classroom and are always looking for opportunities to take learning beyond the school through educational visits, workshops and trips.

We provide opportunities to use :

.* the school grounds

 * areas immediately outside school

 * places local but needing transport

 * day visits with transport

 * overnight stays

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