Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, (commonly referred to as  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.)

Class Teacher:   Mrs Pollitt

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Aneeka Richards 


"We are the infant class and we have a great classroom with lots of things to do. Our teacher Mrs Pollitt is very musical, we love to sing and we like to play but most of all we like to learn new things and get better at the things we know about. We are the best class because we care about each other, we tidy up and look after our belongings.

We have a super outdoor area, we enjoy bike play. Our school has lots of good places for running and nice quiet places too.

Our TAs; Aneeka and Mrs Bowdidge are the best helpers ever, they help us when we are hurt and they help us to learn more and be the best we can ever be. We are keen scientists and investigators – we love to learn new words for our topic. We will always welcome new people and visitors to our class."



Topic for Autumn 2017

Through the Keyhole.